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There’s no way to prevent cancer entirely, but participating in regular cancer screenings can alert you to potential problems early on, increasing your chances of effective treatment and remission. Board-certified internal medicine physician Faisal Hamid, MD, at FH Medical Care in Valley Stream, New York, proudly offers a variety of cancer screenings to both men and women. To make an appointment today, call the office or use the online booking tool.

Cancer Screening Q & A

What is cancer?

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells throughout your body. Each of the more than 100 different types of cancer affects the body differently.

Though a cancer diagnosis is frightening, thanks to modern treatments, it’s possible to address and even stop the progress of many forms of cancer.

What is a cancer screening?

A cancer screening is a type of preventive exam used to determine your risk of cancer. During a cancer screening, Dr. Hamid checks your body for cancer before you develop symptoms. Regularly participating in cancer screenings can alert you to breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer at a point when treatment would be most effective.

What types of cancer screenings do you offer?

At FH Medical Care, Dr. Hamid screens for many types of cancer, including:

Breast cancer

If you’re a woman over 45, Dr. Hamid will recommend a mammogram. A mammogram is a cancer screening that takes an X-ray image of your breasts to detect cancerous lumps or growths.

Cervical cancer

Dr. Hamid does cervical cancer screenings called Pap tests (or Pap smears). During a Pap test, Dr. Hamid carefully scrapes a sample of cells from the surface of your cervix and sends that sample to a lab for further testing.

Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer usually develops as a result of precancerous polyps in your colon. A colorectal cancer screening looks for these polyps before they turn into cancer. By detecting colorectal cancer early, it’s much easier to treat.

Lung cancer

If you’re between 55 and 80 and you’ve smoked heavily throughout your life, Dr. Hamid will recommend a lung cancer screening. A lung cancer screening uses a low-dose X-ray to detect cancerous polyps in your lungs.

What type of cancer screening is right for me?

To determine the type of cancer screening is most appropriate for you, make an appointment with Dr. Hamid. Following a physical exam, review of your medical history, and a discussion, Dr. Hamid can make recommendations that align with your needs.

Before making a recommendation, Dr. Hamid considers your age, diet, lifestyle, family history, and various other factors.

Learn more about your cancer screening options today by making an appointment at FH Medical Care. Call the office or request an appointment online.

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