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Having an annual physical is one of the easiest ways to check in on your health and well-being. Not only can it alert you to potential problems like high blood pressure and diabetes, but it also provides an opportunity for you and your doctor to track your health goals over time. At FH Medical Care in Valley Stream, New York, internal medicine physician Faisal Hamid, MD, offers annual physicals to both men and women. To make your appointment today, call the office or request an appointment online.

Since its founding we become an integral part of the city, advancing our mission of providing access to compassionate care to our communities. Today patients find care that combines world-class medicine with compassion. Since its founding we become an integral part of the city, advancing our mission of providing access to compassionate care.

Annual Physical Q & A

What is an annual physical?

An annual physical is a routine screening that allows Dr. Hamid to check your general health. Your annual physical exam also provides an opportunity to ask questions about your health or to discuss any changes or problems you’ve noticed.

No two annual physical exams are exactly alike. Dr. Hamid tailors your exam to your individual needs. Depending on your age, family, and medical history, Dr. Hamid might also recommend additional tests.

Why should I have an annual physical?

An annual physical provides an opportunity for Dr. Hamid to assess your physical health. This exam also gives you a chance to discuss ongoing pain or other symptoms you’re experiencing.

Dr. Hamid recommends having a physical once every year, especially if you’re 50 or older. During your annual physical, Dr. Hamid:

  • Updates necessary immunizations
  • Asks you about your diet and exercise routine
  • Checks for diseases
  • Identifies issues that could become medical concerns

During your annual physical, Dr. Hamid also checks your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. These issues usually don’t present any obvious symptoms, but lab tests can alert Dr. Hamid to a potential problem.

How do I prepare for an annual physical?

Preparing for an annual physical is easy. Simply call the FH Medical Care office or use the online booking tool to schedule a time and date that’s most convenient for you. You should also gather some paperwork, including:

  • A list of medications, supplements, and/or vitamins you’re taking
  • A list of any symptoms you’re experiencing
  • Your medical and surgical history
  • Results of any recent or relevant medical tests

If you have a pacemaker or defibrillator, you should also bring a copy of your device card.

What happens during an annual physical?

On the day of your annual physical, a member of the FH Medical Care team takes you to an exam room and asks you a series of questions about your medical history. They might also ask you about your lifestyle and if you smoke, drink alcohol, and/or exercise regularly. After they take your temperature and assess your blood pressure, Dr. Hamid takes over.

Dr. Hamid begins your annual physical by examining your skin for any unusual marks or growths. Next, he has you lie down and feels your abdomen to determine the size, location, and health of your internal organs.

Afterward, Dr. Hamid uses a stethoscope to listen to your heart and respiration. He also looks in your ears, nose, and throat and measures your height, weight, and pulse. Depending on your age and health history, Dr. Hamid might also recommend a complete blood count (CBC) or another type of lab panel.

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